Ron Lindahn

Ron is a master of visual communication as well as a gifted writer. He has worked as an award winning photographer, illustrator, graphic designer and filmmaker. In 1970 Ron met his spiritual teacher, friend and mentor, and was initiated in kriya yoga by Roy Eugene Davis, direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. Since 1972 Ron has also been writing, lecturing and offering seminars on creative living, meditation and kriya yoga.

Hélène Lindahn

Hélène is a long time student of the Kriya Yoga teachings and served in Paramahansa Yogananda's organizations and ashrams in India, France and USA over the course of several years. She loves pilgrimages and lived in her beloved India for about 2 years during which she traveled and often visited the places related to the Kriya Yoga masters. Her deep desire to know more about the gurus in her lineage motivated her to research the little known facts of their lives. Hélène's attention to detail and creative mind supported her in contributing to the photography, writing and editing of our film.